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Join our climate change app community. Reduce your carbon footprint, earn eco-friendly rewards, and empower others. Dive into sustainability apps and make a difference. With Enviro Hero, one of 2023's best climate change apps, we unite to combat climate change. 

We Need Heroes

The world is in trouble. In order to prevent the disastrous effects of global climate change, we need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint over the next decade using tools like climate change mobile apps. At times, it feels like a losing battle because governments and corporations aren’t as proactive as they should be, making it hard to feel like individual actions matter.

However, we often overlook the power each of us holds. With the right sustainable app, we can drive demand for eco-friendly products and services, lead by example, and champion a cause greater than ourselves.

The Enviro Hero app was designed to support Environmental Heroes like you. It's more than just a sustainable living app; it's a call to action. Together, we can make a difference and save the world.


Take Sustainable Actions to Earn Carbon Credits 

Record your actions to reduce your carbon footprint and earn credits for the amount of CO2 you reduce

Redeem Your Credits for Eco-Friendly Rewards

Use your credits to redeem eco-friendly products and services or donate them to your favorite environmental organizations

Connect with the Hero Community

Stay connected with other Environmental Heroes by seeing the impact you're making together and staying updated on local environmental events

Stay Updated on Your Personal Progress

Track your personal progress on your journey to save the world

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